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The DREGGS was loosely formed in about 2002 with the first President being Eddie Ross, followed by Jimmy Robertson who, at the age of 80, handed on to Alistair Simpson (The "Ancient Mariner"). Alistair kept the society afloat and on course for some eight years before handing over to the current President Martin Smith on 15th December 2016. Pictured at the formal transfer of office is Alistair (left) and Martin on the right.
21 January 2017

Available and deemed necessary for all DREGGS members is a golf shirt displaying the society logo as shown left. Smart in every sense of the word and printed on good quality material this garment is available for the very reasonable price. To order please contact DREGGS President Martin Smith for further information.

Thursday 23rd August 2018: DREGGS President Martin Smith welcomes Canadian Fred Boyce to join the DREGGS for the midweek competition round. Despite the damp weather Fred, a resident of Ottawa, whose stated golfing philosophy 'not so much the score but to enjoy the day and the company'  being very much in accord with that of the DREGGS quickly came to terms with the weather, the course and the members to put together a good round of steady golf.
23 August 2018

Thursday 15th June 2017
Texas Scramble:
1st:Barbara Malcom, Douglas Caren, Andy Rourke, Charlie Norman (7.4)
2nd:Janette McMillan, Scott Maxwell, Terry Young, Angus MacLean (8.2)
3rd:Di Dunning, Alistair Simpson, Martin Smith, Bruce Neilson (8.0)
Nearest the pin on the 2nd - Christine Hogg; Longest drive at the 12th - Andy Rourke;
Nearest the pin at the 17th - Andy Rourke.
Putting: 4th Davie Cowie; 11th Di Dunning; 15th Mike Walsh.
Below is a note addressed to the "DREGGS & FRIENDS" from Alistair Simpson.

Thank you for your note Alistair, however it proved a well organised occasion thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part.

Visitor from Oz
Joining the DREGGS on 18th July 2017 was Bob Hannam, a visitor from that great country down-under, Australia. He was kind enough to provide some feedback in his email to DREGGS President, Martin Smith, as below:

To:Martin and the DREGGS
Subject: Re: Dreggs results 18 July
Thank you so much for making me feel welcome playing with the DREGGS of Dollar!
What perfect conditions on a terrific local members course.
It is quite special being able to play in the Kingdom of Golf, where the very game was invented! While we all from around the world respect this fact, I have to tell you many curse the day the Scots invented this most frustrating of games. That's why we all keep coming back!
Groups such as the DREGGS are the heart and soul of golf. We can all enjoy watching the professionals, but a few blokes getting together and having a round on their local course is what golf is really all about.
I hope to play with you again on Thursday. (Martin and Jim have promised the weather here is always perfect on golf day!)
Bob Hannam

49 Stableford points, returned by DREGGS member Roger Sneddon on Thursday 19th January 2017 stands as a DREGGS record score. Roger has been a regular player in both the DREGGS and Club competitions since acquiring his handicap. His perseverance has to be admired and this winning score is well deserved. Roger, playing off a DREGGS handicap of 24 (now 20), returned a gross score of 81 and congratulations are in order.
A formidable record - who will beat it?
22 January 2017

The R&A and USGA have previewed some proposed new Rules of Golf. Changes include help with Pace of Play, dropping a ball and relaxed Rules in Penalty Areas. Golfers are asked to give their views during a six-month feedback with the new Rules of Golf taking effect January 1, 2019.
    Changes include:
  • Three minutes only instead of five looking for a lost ball
  • Allow putting with the flag in
  • No penalty for accidently moving the ball on the green or in a ball search
  • Expand areas of lateral relief
  • No penalty for moving loose impedimenta in bunkers
  • Shoulder height dropping of a ball reduced to 'just above the ground'.

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