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The DREGGS will meet on Tuesday and Thursday morning as weather permits at Dollar Golf Club with a 9 am start on the first tee. No prior booking is required. Play will commence from the yellow (forward) tees in groups of two or three players.
On frosty mornings in Winter, play may be delayed until the Greenkeeper grants permission.
Entry fee is £1 - all proceeds will be used to finance a Spring/Autumn outing and the Christmas lunch.
The Stableford scoring system will apply and the order of play will be drawn on the day. Scores to be recorded on the DREGGS scorecard. The maximum score on any hole will be 9 strokes. Once this total has been reached, a player should pick up his ball and have a 9 recorded on his scorecard.

All players will play off their recognised national handicap from 1st January 2017 and thereafter on 1st January annually. Maximum handicap is 36.
Handicaps will be adjusted during the season as follows:-
  • Score of up to 19 points: handicap increase by 0.3
  • Score of 20 to 29 points: handicap increase by 0.2
  • Score 0f 30 to 34 points: handicap increase by 0.1
  • Score of 35, 36 and 37 points: no handicap adjustment (buffer zone)
  • Score of 38 points and above: handicap decrease by 0.3 and for each point above 38.

Current handicaps can be checked by reference to the DREGGS section of the Dollar Golf Club website.

1. Through the green

Play should proceed without unnecessary delay by utilising the Ready Go Golf format. That is all players should play when they are ready provided they do not interfere with or endanger other players on the golf course.
There will be no penalty for accidentally moving a ball.
When a ball is allowed to be dropped, it may be dropped from any height - not necessarily shoulder level.
Practice swings and grounding the club in a hazard is permitted.
The time limit for searching for a ball will be limited to 3 minutes.
2. On the green
In order to speed play on the greens, 'Gimmees' are awarded by measuring with the putter shaft. If a ball lies within the length of the exposed metal shaft, it is considered a 'Gimmee'. If the ball lies within the rubber grip length then it must be putted out.
Putting may be undertaken with the flagstick in position as an option for the player concerned.
The player who putts first should continue (where feasible) until he has holed out.
3. Mini Competitions
Three "mini-competitions" will take place during each round:-
  • Hole No 2: nearest the pin with a tee shot (must be on the green)
  • Hole No 12: longest drive (must be on the fairway)
  • Hole No 17: nearest the pin with the second shot (must be on the green)
The winners will be recorded and a prize given to the overall winner of each mini competition at the end of the season Christmas lunch.

Subject to a minimum field of six players any DREGGS golfer who wins all three “mini competitions” and the overall golf competition on the same day will be considered to have made the "DREGGS Grand Slam”. Several of the DREGGS have come close and it is felt that some recognition should be given to anyone who achieves this.
To this end, from October 2017, the Treasurer will start to accumulate a fund from the entry money setting aside 50p from the usual entry fee on any day that DREGGS golf is played. (Please note this is not extra to the normal fee).
The fund will accumulate until it reaches a total of £20 or is won, whichever comes sooner. If it is not won within the accumulation period, then the cash will revert to the regular DREGGS funds.
At that point the fund will start to build again from scratch.

In addition it is felt that, sooner or later, one of the DREGGS will record a hole-in -one. A fund similar to the Grand Slam described above will be established from October 2017 with the same administration rules.

By Order
Martin Smith
DREGGS President

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